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Berkeley/Bay Area Meet-up, Shut up, Listen up Groups

I’m signed UP for every Meet-up under the sun trying to connect up with the Bay area mystical, meditation-al, musical, Muse-inspired community. This includes my membership in Bay area International Creative souls, Shut up and Write! Listen Up and don’t speak up– Berkeley Writer’s Circle. (By-laws: three mandatory visits minus a double-spaced manuscript) “Silence is Golden” through the initiation period. I can’t share, just stare. They want to head off being stood-UP by an UPp-ity new member who wants to UPstage the regulars. What??

Should I go back to Shut Up and Write? sandwiched between two Mac Books at Mo Joe’s Cafe beyond dreary University Avenue?

But I was re-routed to the Berkeley Circle for group sharing by a Shut UP leader, so I cancelled my shape UP session at the Y.

That was before the Shut Up Moderator sent me off to SF Writers Group, with its share of stuck-Up members who want nothing to do with an UP and coming Blogger. (three hang-ups and waiting)

In any case, I’d be UP-staged by the fiction writers who don’t recognize UPward striving creators like myself who publish day-to-day real-life commentaries that vanish in the wind. (like a kite up in the sky)

So Onward and Up-ward I say, despite the obstacles. As a last resort, I’ll do Stand-up if I’m forced to Shut Up.

Wait! I have FIVE more Meetups to attend before I freeze-UP, choke-Up, clam-up, and give-up!

Artists Who THRIVE Member
. Bay Area Creative Joy Member
. The Bay Area Creative-Immersion Meditation Practice Member
. Bay Area Improv Member
. East Bay International Creative Community Member

What about a Laugh-it-up group at the Indian reservation? I hadn’t even dreamed that one up until now.

Oops, I mixed it up with Bay area Laughter Yoga Meet-up in Oakland!

Okay, I’ll leave it UP to the Moderators to put up or shut up and refer me to the WRITE meet-up so I can settle in without UP-rooting anyone.

That about sums it Up!

2 thoughts on “Berkeley/Bay Area Meet-up, Shut up, Listen up Groups”

    1. Thanks, Christine. I have to be grateful for avoiding a blow-up with the Shut-up and write moderator who was miffed when I abrUPtly packed my stuff UP after sizing UP the situation.

      Yes, to be sure, some people out here in the Bay have something UP their…. .



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