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Cry your heart out! If you’re a music teacher getting rid of the dead wood instead of inviting an aromatic Christmas pine into your living room that will eat up the small space reserved for your cat, then you might as well check your FB Friends list to pine away even more.

A colleague bemoans the turnover of FB Friends, Google+ Circle add-ins, etc. It’s getting so hard to keep up with the lingo and orbiting strangers who touch down on your Circle and overstay their welcome. I have one from the Middle East whom I don’t know from Adam, though Adam, who hooked up with Eve, must have known this universe before his downfall.

It’s certainly not a piano teacher’s seventh heaven.

Are FB and the Circle, by definition, advertising entities, or social networks? Where does one draw the line between “self promotion,” and amiably “sharing” an art form?

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