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Piano Workout Plus: Left Hand development tips, and how to produce a “Woodpecker” staccato (Videos)

Any neighbor watching me doing my upper body push-ups using the keyboard as leverage would think I was a bit spacey.

But I’m quite down to earth in my daily workout routines at the piano. They include applications of weight transfer into the keys; zoned in left hand practice through scale work (and arpeggios) in legato (smooth and connected) and staccato (crisp, detached playing) Forte (loud) and piano (soft)

In my current study of the Bach literature, the extra spotlight on the left hand is particularly relevant.

Rather than harp on the content of my presentation, it’s best to view the You Tube videos starting with basic keyboard tone-up.

In the second one, I apply my Left Hand focus when learning the Bach Little Prelude in e minor, BWV 938. (I groove deeply into the keys, while tracking and singing the bass line) A play through reveals the fruits of my labor. (third attachment)

The Workout

Its Application:

Bach Little Prelude in E minor, BWV 938

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