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Piano Instruction: Suggested ways to practice Mozart Rondo: Allegretto, K. 545 in C Major

Rondo Allegretto Mozart 545

Having been through years of practicing and teaching this Mozart Alegretto, I have a few epiphanies that might benefit others. In the attached video, I assert that the opening Rondo motif with its lively thirds should not spill into an emphasized downbeat but rather a lifted one. This applies to the overlapping Left Hand as well, to create consistency. (Note that the Rondo A section includes measures 1-8)

(The Rondo Form: A, B, A, C, A followed by the Coda. The interspersed sections between the recurring RONDO A are called Episodes)

In the episodic portions of the movement, with streams of legato (connected) 16ths, as in Measures 9-13, I enlist a rolling wrist forward motion to counter a very articulated sound. Mozart’s music, evoking the light opera in this composition, should be singable.

The modulations to different keys also should be identified in the overall mapping of this movement. For instance Measures 28 through 52 are in A minor.
In measures 28-32, the lighthearted harmonic thirds motif returns, and they are then inverted to 6ths. (This is a Development section)

The Coda is a stream of legato 16ths (use the rolling wrist motion) that spills into a final two-measure zig zag arpeggio. (a fingering challenge for some)

Rondo Allegretto 545 coda

Think singable Mozart whether the notes are in short spurts, or longer spills. (But know there is a dualism permeating this Rondo–short, detached notes and contrasting legato phrases)

By the way, I use no pedal in this movement, because I believe clarity is best realized without it.

The video amplifies: I apologize for moments where the Mac motions of my hands and the music did not synch. Seems Imovie has not solved all its internal problems.


Play Through:

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