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Mozart is a Challenge in any shape, size or form

Don’t belittle little Wolfie’s Minuets as junior league.
Try this one out for size: The F Major, K. 5 (not the one everyone seems to know and play)

The gem I’m talking about, is a bi-rhythmic beauty–from triplets to 16ths and back. You better be in the swing and not overlook the composer’s color changes that go with the flow.

To get this little one humming along was a task– and my own You Tube instruction kicked in and helped..(see below)

Try this out for size: Make a video that aims to teach others how to navigate the piece and you’re ahead of the game when you delve into it alone in your practice room.

Major tip-offs:

1) Expand your triplets so they don’t curl up and die on you. Don’t race ’em.
Blow them up, and enjoy their spatial dimension. Big circles of sound–good mental image.

2) Make an UN-FRENZIED transition to the 16ths—Relax, breathe, and don’t overcrowd!

3) Use pedal but sparingly. Don’t muddy the waters. Trust your ears and let them be your guide.

4) Think SINGING tone whether you play triplets or 16ths—Find the melody but don’t ignore the bass. It’s NOT a tag-along.

All these tips pre-suppose that you’ll conscientiously study each hand ALONE before
advancing to hands together.

My video instruction should assist:


Minuet Mozart K. 5 p. 2

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