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Two Adult Piano Students explore an undulating wrist motion (Videos)

In the first video, I introduce C Major, 4-note arpeggios rolling through positions or “inversions” in preparation for my lesson with an adult student in El Cerrito, California.

C E G C—E G C E—G C E G– C E G C, and then a turnaround and descent without repeating the highest note.

Excerpt from my student’s lesson (4-note arpeggios)

She had played preliminary blocked chords before unraveling them. In this sequence she was “rolling through” a series of “broken chords.” (trying to avoid accents on the first impulse of each 4-note grouping) The dipping wrist prevents unwanted emphases.


The next pupil followed by transferring her supple wrist motion to J.C. Bach’s Prelude in A minor, where she “chorded” or blocked out opening groups of arpeggiated figures. (fleshing out a melody that threaded through them)

The supple or undulating wrist prevented an attack upon the keys, and assisted with phrase-shaping and producing a singing tone.

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