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No Skimming the surface in piano warm-ups and a Chopin exchange with a sixth-grader

Lucy started piano about four years ago in El Cerrito, a short Bart ride from Berkeley, my current residence. A transfer student, she’d been immersed in Bastien primers and hand-outs of various patriotic pieces. Note-reading skills were minimal.

Over time, as our musical relationship unfolded, Lucy played scales, arpeggios, and through her patient efforts performed “Fur Elise,” beautifully. In the present, she’s working on Chopin’s A minor Waltz No. 19, Op. Posthumous side-by-side with Burgmuller’s “Inquietude.”

Here’s sample of our recent back and forth exchange of Romantic era spun phrases:

Snatches of her most recent lesson, reveal our technique-nurturing interplay, as we practiced E Major. (five finger-positions-and Arpeggio) Not posted were segments exploring an E Major four-octave scale in parallel and contrary motion. We did sandwich in a G chromatic scale for good measure.

Our work continues.

Five-finger positions and Hopping routines in thirds

G Chromatic Scale

E Major Arpeggio

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