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Piano Technique: Are arpeggios “boring?” I don’t think so!

I belong to a myriad of LINKED IN, PIANO groups of all shapes and sizes. One, right now is applying the adjective, “BORING” to ARPEGGIOS. Another recently castigated SCALES!

Yet anyone who’s bounced around the Baroque, Classical, and Romantic keyboard literature, KNOWS that it’s permeated with scale passages and arpeggios.

That’s a no brainer!

In the last week, my review of Mozart’s Rondo in D, K. 311, produced so many scale passages it was dizzying.

And just today, a student found herself practicing a 3-octave E Major arpeggio lifted right out of the Chopin Waltz in A Minor, no. 19.

This heart-throbbing piece is so popular, that anyone thinking they can play it with pleasure, without practicing the E MAJOR arpeggio, to say the least, is in denial.

Rather than harp on why I disagree with a cadre of teachers, amateurs, professionals, who happen to love bashing arpeggios, I say watch this video and make up your mind.


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