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Bach to nature: Pairing a Prelude with scenes from Tilden Regional Park (Berkeley CA)

best island tilden sky

I didn’t think twice about getting double mileage from re-playing J.S. Bach’s ethereal Prelude in C minor, BWV 847. It turned out to be nature-inspired.

On a late afternoon trail trek to Tilden Park, I came equipped with a modest Sony Cyber shot digi-cam that provided a generous supply of photos.

These would be imported to my Baroque soundtrack.

First I recorded the music LIVE on the MAC, before blowing up my hands in an early morning camcorder snatch of my You Tube upload. The undertaking was challenging with interspersed interruptions by a droning BART train, Amtrak whistles, a garbage pick-up, whizzing cars, and squeaky buses. Yet chirping birds outside, provided a desired accompaniment.

Before I post video renderings of the Bach composition, here’s my stream of favorite Tilden photos taken along a picturesque trail.

Tilden Lake one

best path against pastel sky

average Island and sky

Island and trees in Tilden

path and sky Tilden

marshy looking lake


Sarah in distance path

big spread closeup of plant



brush plant in front

trees on path


Bach, before and after photo insertion

Scenes from Tilden:

FACEBOOK SPREAD of Tilden photos:

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