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A musical birthday shared that can’t be overlooked

MorozovaJ.S. BachIt’s still the right side of midnight on this Coast before the day melts into another, so I have a snatch of time to celebrate the birthday of two favorite musicians, Irina Morozova and J.S. Bach–both born on March 21rst.

My feelings about J.S. are well known, as evidenced by reams of you tube postings memorializing his genius. And to be fair, I’ve shouted to the heavens about the moving artistry of Maestra Morozova, grabbing any opportunity to embed her priceless musical jewels in my writings.

Suffice it to say that words won’t ever do justice to her piano playing, so in an upbeat spirit, I’ve decided to post a track from the artist’s amazing Gershwin CD–It’s an ear-grabbing experience from start to finish!

Face the music, while it’s Irina’s birthday, she’s bestowing her gift of love to a swelling crowd of admirers.

Just listen!


Irina Morozova Shines playing Gerswhin Virtuoso Transcriptions

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