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The Berkeley Rose Garden draped in photos and music

Today was my maiden journey to the paradise of Roses in Berkeley. No words can amply describe the effect such beauty had upon me. (Taking pictures was irresistible)

Burgmuller’s “Tender Flower” was the perfect musical framing.

P.S. I made a passing cameo appearance amidst the heavenly, terraced bouquets

LINK to FB Photo Album

About the Berkeley Rose Garden (from its Facebook page)

“The Berkeley Rose Garden is a city-owned park in Berkeley, California. The Rose Garden is situated in a residential area of the Berkeley Hills between the Cragmont and La Loma Park neighborhoods, occupying most of the block between Eunice Street and Bayview Place along the west side of Euclid Avenue.

“The Rose Garden is in the form of a terraced amphitheater nestled in a small canyon and offers stunning views of the city and bay of San Francisco and the Golden Gate. Over a hundred varieties of roses grow along the terraces, with maximum blooming occurring in early Spring.”

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