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Another musical treasure by Samuel Maykapar

Waltz by Maykapar

Maykapar Waltz p. 2

(The above manuscript is sourced from Rada Bukhman’s Discovering Color Behind the Keys: The Essence of the Russian School of Piano Playing)

“Waltz” is a charming composition worth every bit of baby-step practicing. While it looks easy on the surface, the pedaling carefully noted by the composer, is a significant challenge. It does not feel natural or predictable, but nonetheless seems to “warm up” the piece with intermittent cushions of sustain. (The Left hand must persist with its patterned articulation so indicated in the music)

Apart from the eye/hand/foot coordination issue, the melodic landscape demands a big breath, wide-spaced perspective. Otherwise notes will crowd in on each other and die on the vine.

The video instruction attached gives suggestions about how to layer practicing, starting with separate hands study, affording a passage to pure enjoyment and abandon. (For more background about Maykapar see the link to a previously posted blog about his composition, “In the Garden”)



OTHER: An Interview with Rada Bukhman

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