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My side-by-side harpsichord/piano chat with Elaine Comparone in her NYC musical sanctuary


My visit with Elaine Comparone, harpsichordist, was the first of my musical treats after touching down in hometown New York. While the weather was a bit gray and unseasonable, Maestra Elaine lifted my spirits with her impeccably beautiful reading of Bach’s D minor concerto. Soon enough, it was recorded in full force with ensemble on the day I departed for California. (My loss)

Nonetheless, the perfectly gorgeous playing I had sampled, was a tantalizing entree to the main course that’s soon to be served up on YOU TUBE. (I’ll be embedding it, hopefully, with engaging commentary from Comparone)

Meanwhile, I posted a CONVERSATION Elaine and I had about the J.S. Bach Sinfonia in F minor, BWV 795. Naturally, we shared camera duty and danced between the harpsichord and piano. (She has a sonorous Knabe grand that is among four musical treasures)

You might call her place a “palace” like the one in Versailles, having acoustical brilliance that complements an impressive collection of ornate harpsi’s.

In any “case” the video attached includes Comparone’s complete rendering of the F minor Sinfonia as well our impromptu comments between short playing segments.




Bach with Pluck on Amazon:

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