Piano Lessons: The parent/teacher relationship– striking the right balance (Humor)

A humorous set of testy circumstances

Arioso7's Blog (Shirley Kirsten)

The relationship between the piano teacher and parent is a work in progress. Nothing should be taken for granted.

Here are various case scenarios and categories:

I. The Arm chair teacher-parent, aka the back seat driver equivalent

Description: Parent sits in during the entire lesson providing an unsolicited running commentary on child’s playing.

He/she will bellow out note corrections and beat reinforcements. (This parent will often hand the teacher a recommended curriculum with a detailed list of repertoire)

On occasion he/she will come to the piano and red-line or circle notes that were incorrectly played.

Teacher’s jaw is dropped, and she’s nearly stunned into silence.

Remedy to restore teacher/parent equilibrium:

Remand parent to observer status with a follow-up e-mail defining clear-cut boundaries during piano lessons.

II. The Stage Parent, Type A

Stays for the complete lesson and often comes ten minutes early to shower teacher with plans for child’s future…

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