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Piano warm-up routines with an adult student

This pupil is working on the Chopin Waltz in C# minor Op. 64 alongside Mozart’s K. 545 Sonata in C. (I’ll have snatches of her spot practicing in another post)

She’s made considerable progress because of her conscientious step-by-step, layered approach to learning. (We spend substantial time playing separate hands, under tempo, and we don’t rush to complete a piece on a predetermined deadline)

For 15 or so minutes of her lesson, she practices scales and arpeggios around the Circle of Fifths. (Major and Relative minors)

In these particular video segments, my student has added a 4-note arpeggio in inversions to imbue a rolling motion into the figure and a curve around from fingers 5 to 1 (RH) and 1 to 5 (LH) We started this particular cycle in C Major progressing to G major, so her companion scales and root position arpeggios are not correlated in key but are deeper into the Circle. (G# minor–Natural and Harmonic forms) Not shown, is our beginning exploration of the G# minor melodic form.

Once the pupil is substantially ingrained in parallel motion, we move on to contrary motion playing, and to playing in 10ths. The advanced student will play scales in 6ths and other combinations between the hands. Legato and staccato renditions in varied dynamics frame all warm-ups.

SCALES (G# minor)

ROOT position G# minor Arpeggio with blocking

G Major 4-note Arpeggios through inversions


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