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The Ideal Adult Piano student (Humor)

Matt Griffo

In a Utopian universe:

Embarks upon piano study of his/her own volition. No lurking parent, prodding relative, or “cool” friend is part of the mix.

Owns an acoustic piano, with 88-functioning keys. Instrument has been tuned no greater than 8 years ago.

(If digitally compromised, he/she should have a weighted keyboard—no bell and whistle, 61-key sub-in)

61-key job

Comes to lessons weekly, unless seriously ill or having to attend a funeral.
(Otherwise shows up in rain, sleet, or snow)

Is appropriately attired, not in soaked through sweat pants or swimwear.

Stays awake during entire lesson.

Is not looking for a substitute mother or psycho-therapist.

Pays monthly, and on time.
(Never forgets checkbook)

Leaves cell phone and mp3 player in the car.

Practices everyday, or if he/she skips one or more days, still makes it to piano lesson without a guilt trip or a myriad of excuses.

(Utilizes lesson time positively to reinforce baby-step, layered learning)

Never looks for grass-is-greener teachers in the neighborhood, or compares himself to any and every adult student the world over.

Refuses to succumb to short-cut, tracing paper, half-baked sight-reading escapades between lessons. (Reads the assignment carefully)

Doesn’t bring the Top Ten hits of the 40’s to dodge assigned pieces.

Practices scales and arpeggios without kvetching.

Doesn’t come to lessons with a fake wrist support on the left hand.

Same for a self-made cast on the Right foot. (No pedaling today?)

Listens patiently to suggestions made by teacher, without drowning her out with false starts.

Refuses to play like “Rosie the riveter.”

Throws complaints about “stale, boring” pieces out the window.

Won’t cancel a lesson by cell phone when parked in front of studio, unless stricken with an acute bout of food poisoning.

Makes it to lessons ON TIME!

Never comes early to lessons, especially when teacher might be indisposed. (I label these the “potty-trains pupils”)

Such compulsive early-birds put teacher at risk for racing to the door with an embarrassing, unknowing train of toilet paper. (It’s happened to me)

To cap my Wish List is the endearing, lovable adult pupil who can’t live without taking piano lessons, and pledges to a lifetime of musical growth and development. He/she is so possessed with practicing and learning, that to miss a lesson is like an addict without his daily fix.

Marie back Aiden frong

So Long Live the adult piano student who plays by the rules, and loves the game of getting from first base to home plate, again and again.


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