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Piano Instruction: Mozart Minuet in F, K. 2

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Such delightful music sprang from an inspired little Mozart who at age 6, composed this Minuet in F. His father, Leopold, “notated his son’s pieces in a notebook recording the exact date of almost every composition.” (K. 2 was born in 1762)

A musical gem that’s intrinsically vocal, requires the player to phrase lyrically, enlist dynamic contrasts and be aware of harmonic rhythm. (A poignant “deceptive” cadence, for example, in the last line provides a heart-warming moment of surprise that needs fleshing out)

At these junctures and others, the flexible wrist helps to nurture the unexpected–to taper, shape, and sculpt lines. Being a “shock absorber,” it has a natural ability to promote a singing tone.

(In the tone production venue, pay particular attention to REPEATED NOTES in Minuet K. 2 and how the wrist can create a subtle contrast, by its supple dipping and forward motions)

My instruction follows:

Mozart Minuet in F K 2

2 thoughts on “Piano Instruction: Mozart Minuet in F, K. 2”

  1. I haven’t heard that piece in years! I remember it being one of my favorites when I was playing as a child – I listened to it on some Suzuki track and never did get to play it. Really pretty.



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