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Piano Instruction: Burgmuller, The Storm, “L’Orage” Op. 109 No. 13 (Expect turbulence)

Don’t let this be a one-night stand piece but rather a long-term relationship. I dared to overnight it as prep for a new student who tossed it my way, but upon reflection, I sat down at the piano, and produced an instruction (both helpful to myself and those diving headlong into this “stormy” composition)

L’Orage is beautiful, but has its corny moments. Burgmuller may have realized he was into a tad of satire, given the warhorses of the time. Just the same it’s a “fun” piece worth the journey.

Fingering is pivotal, especially in transitions (first and second endings) And surprises (the unexpected) should be underscored. Keep a flexible wrist and use big energies beyond the fingers.

While “The Storm” appears on the surface to be a daredevil piece, by breaking it down into component parts, blocking or chunking, and noticing common tones, it becomes within reach. (Never fear a fast tempo, if you’re ultra-prepared in slow motion)

Rather than verbalize the essence of my instruction, here it is:


I’m having difficulty posting music with adequate dimensions for Word Press.
So the score is rolling through the following You Tube:

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