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A slew of oddball Linkedin endorsements instantly boosted MY KLOUT score.

A measurement of belly punches on the web , it’s the latest Internet boxing arena with referees weighing in the world over.

Example: After I posted a Facebook LINK to pianist, Murray Perahia’s interview in Israel, 5 Arab cross-over “connections” clicked “PERCUSSION,” drastically boosting my Klout profile..

In response to my Schumann’s HUNTING SONG posting, two Africa-generated spear-throwing “endorsements” pierced the KLOUT barrier. (Thank you, Ethiopa!)

But how do I “manage” those silly game requests flooding my FB message box? (Each one is worth a BONANZA of Klout rewards!)

OMG! There’s an onslaught! “Texas Hold-em Poker, Farmville2, Baby Adopter, Lobster Lovers, and Solitaire Arena. I don’t give a rat’s ass, I’ll DECLINE ALL with ONE crushing blow to my KLOUT making me nearly KLOUT-LESS!

It’s no sweat! GOODREADS and PININTEREST, will issue me a whopping 500-point cyber credit restoring a power balance.

Jolly Green Giants, You Tube and Google Plus will easily steam roll over Farmville and those smelly goat turds so why not use these muscle-builders to plow me through the haystack back at the FARM.

Oops, KLOUT deducts points for OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE You Tube video uploading while it redeems reward coupons at the FACEBOOK LOONY BIN GAME TABLE and I’m invited. (I should have cross-fertilized at the FARM)

Did I overlook Word Press, Authors Den, My Space, and El Cerrito Patch with their collective clout? With the exception of Patch which may be a hole in the ground in a matter of days after down-sizing, the balance of websites are worth their WEIGHT in gold. (Think Olympiad winner’s pyramid)

Just watch! I’ll wave my KLOUT flag proudly in the wind, representing my country and the world as the BIGGEST INTERNATIONAL game changer!!!

(Unless the foul wind blows in my direction)

Oh NO! My worst nightmare! UN-FRIENDING Facebook conspirators have cut me down to size with this ball-breaking Update:

Klout notice

What a set-up! After I tried RECONNECTING through FB to SAVE my KLOUT, I was repeatedly BAMBOOZLED with ERROR messages.

Who the heck cares! I don’t need KLOUT when I can barely keep up with Pin-ups at Pininterest and LINKEDin CONNECTIONS in Bangladesh, not to mention scores of javelin-throwing endorsements that need I.O.U’s.

It’s a blessing in disguise!


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