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My Gold Standard Adult Pupils!

I’m the proud mentor of seven COMMITTED adult piano students, three of whom were TAGGED with body stickers for doing GOOD time at their lessons yesterday. NOTE: None have been coerced by authorities to sign up. (i.e. Parents) Each is a VOLUNTARY admission. (LIVE or in Cyber)

Ravi, a thirty-plus chess champion/financial analyst, is one of my most piano-crazed first-year pupils. If he can’t manage to locate an acoustic during his lunch hour, he becomes a threat to society.

Sam blue eighth note stickers

Once he was bounced from a bar and grill for hogging an old upright. First he refused to move off the bench. Then after being prodded and officially handcuffed, he continued to play with his nose.



adult student tan eighth note stickers

En route to SFO, bound for China, she rushed out the front door in the grip of regret, “I didn’t deserve these glue-bonded stickers because my staccato was under-developed. I promise to try harder after I SCALE the GREAT WALL!”

NEXT YEAR in Jerusalem! (she’s already booked!)


Setsuko EARNED her stickers and more! She bedazzled RAVI who arrived early to listen, though he desperately wanted to OCCUPY the Baldwin. Why not! It’s Berkeley!

Yukiko excellent stickers


Rachel, (not pictured) declined a body sticker because of religious beliefs and Kosher dietary laws. While she has no piano, she envisions one in the foreseeable future. (Dream on!)


Finally, to a growing list of headless headliners, I proudly add your heroic images to my Wall of Fame!



4 thoughts on “My Gold Standard Adult Pupils!”

  1. I love it! You made me laugh. Adult students are a blast to teach, I agree! Although I have some high school students that are a thrill. They love to play piano and no one is pushing them. One told me this a couple of weeks ago- I feel badly, I am going on vacation and I can’t play piano! By the way this is the one playing the Pathetique!


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