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My Steinway upright has a “new” home, and so do I

Model 1098 was eased out my front door by two piano moving Zen masters, Greg and Jeremy. (I’ll give them a Yin/Yang Yelp for their artful twists and turns)

It wasn’t the first time McCrea’s picked up or delivered a piano for me. Two years ago, they transported my Kawai GE20 grand from a smaller space to one with cumbersome steps, easing their way over rocky terrain (chipped concrete) with mind-blowing finesse.

But nothing compared to this fearless feat of flight!

out the window piano


Once 1098 was bundled into the “AA” truck bound for its new home, I decided to redesign my own space as the perfect entree to Jewish New Year 5,744!

Adding a touch of antiquity, I filled the void left by my ex-music lover.

replace upright with book shelf

Finally, a flashback to more ancient times when a tricky grand piano move was mastered by B and L in the Central Valley. It was UP the steps and onto a narrow Bima at Temple Beth Israel!


(The sanctuary has since MOVED to the burbs)

What else is *NEW?


P.S. *The rest of my remodeled solo piano room after furniture shuffling.
spacier piano room

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