Journal of a Piano Teacher from New York to California,

Lettin’ go to Presto without crashin’

First, here’s my good luck charm: a keyboard bracelet that a former adult student made for me. I have a pic when it looked spiffier but time has taken its toll.

keyboard bracelet

Perhaps wearing this wrist trinket helped me advance my Haydn Sonata finale to Presto without a crash and burn, but it’s more likely that my slow, baby-step practicing did the job.

Today, I spot practiced, to fine tune measures that had some finger traps in brisk pace. (Video 1)

In video 2, I played through part of the Development, where right and left hand divide a fast melody in rapid 16ths. This is a section I had parceled out in a previous blog posting, blocking first, then unraveling it slowly while shaping the line.

Haydn tricky passage finale

Haydn p. 2 tricky passage finale, presto

It appears that my fingering revisions worked in peak tempo which tells me the choices were right. (These decisions are often based upon what suits one’s hands in many cases, so don’t always trust the Editor)

Most of all, BREATHE though a Presto movement, and think SLOW while playing fast.

P.S. And how about taking this keyboard belt and bracelet into the SPEED ZONE the next time around!
keyboard belt

Foundational practicing techniques for Haydn Sonata No. 52, Finale: Presto

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