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Piano Instruction: Teaching a good hand position and technical skills to very young children

Teaching wee beginners a natural approach to the piano, that includes a relaxed hand position, flowing arms and supple wrists allows the birth of beautiful music-making while it promotes injury avoidance.

Irina Gorin is one of the best teacher models in this universe.

A dedicated proponent of early exposure to “weeping willow” arms, and “rainbow” movements from octave to octave, even with single note practice for a prescribed time (depending on individual needs), she delivers her living/breathing philosophy through focused videos.

Here, she guides young hands through a smooth wrist follow-through:

And now a Monkey Swing out, Arm relaxation motion

More work with the supple wrist:

In my own studio, I applied many of these concepts when mentoring Rina, a 4-year old, using Irina Gorin’s Tales of a Musical Journey.

After a full 8 months of my having nursed along smooth and supple motions in baby steps, Rina performed in the Spring Recital (solos and duets)

In September 2012, my article about teaching young piano students using Irina Gorin’s materials was published in the California Music Teachers Magazine. Since it was posted on the website only during last Fall’s quarter, I’ve reprinted the contents at the El Cerrito site.

Many embedded videos throughout my text are instructive.–my-review-of-a-creative-new-teaching-material-for6207751051

NOTE: My October 2014 journey to NYC where I observed master teacher, Irina Morozova mentoring a 6 year old child at the Special Music School-Kaufman Center

Irina Gorin’s You Tube Channel

When Great Piano Teaching Must be Recognized

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