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Facing the Music on FACETIME

Facetime view


Burgmuller’s “SORROW” received a BOOST on FACETIME where it was the PITS on SKYPE.

The latter sometimes mimics jet landings with a whoosh sound, while an echo chamber effect causes unwanted tremolos.

In this “FACE”-beamed environment, a formerly LIVE student who turned VIRTUAL, experienced a musical FACE-lift.

With a new media spotlight, where the singing MODEL reigned, student and teacher communicated back and forth without a mountain of effort or distraction.

Not only was SINGING the phrases valuable for both parties to the occasion, but physical motions evolved from line SHAPING and ATTENTIVE LISTENING!

Balance between voices was another consideration, as was rotation, “mashed potato movements,” supple wrist application, and the like. (DELAYS into notes, and phrase tapering were conscientiously practiced)

dipping wrist

Above all, translating the vocal model to the piano, rising ABOVE hammer mechanics, was our embracing theme.

(Note that we are in a slow practicing phase of learning)

Sorrow by Burgmuller

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