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Pretty piano rooms

Dr-Lubov Laura De Valois

Lubov pianos

“My studio has 4 pianos: Two acoustic grand pianos: “Yamaha C” and “Hamburg Steinway and Son”, (built around 1880), and restored in New York by Steinway. I also have an electric Kawai, “Concert Performer” CP 175, that I use as the recording studio; and a Yamaha Clavinova CVP-109 for my students to practice with head phones.

“The room has a magic energy; when we play the concertos on two great grand pianos, I think music lights up the area with divine heavenly energy; angels are smiling.

My students start counting the “rainbows” that beam through the window’s rays of sunshine, and the whole room becomes a world where you can transport your mind and soul to the “magic planet” where everyone is happy without worry. There’s tranquility and peace prevailing.

“I also decorated my studio with my own art, (painting) and I influence my piano students to paint, and write stories about musical pieces they are practicing. Many are very creative in their artistic expression.”

Location: Naperville, Illinois
Vintage Steinway grand and Yamaha



Debbie Center

Debbie Center

“My piano absolutely glows every morning when the morning sun warms the room. It seems the piano is begging for a little play time on each new morning, and I just have to give in. I watch the sunrise from the bay windows and let my fingers dance across the keys in response to the promises of each new day! In the afternoons, when my students arrive, the beautiful rainbow prisms from a little heart-shaped crystal which hangs in my kitchen find their way onto the piano, the wall, or the students themselves. It’s so much fun to play a white piano with a bouncing prism joining in on the fun!”

Location: Littleton, Colorado
Kawai, GE-1 grand piano

Website: http://www.worldofharmonymusic.com/PianoSheetMusic.html


Shirley Kirsten

my piano room

pretty sculpture my piano room

Berkeley, California

Steinway M Grand (1917)




El Cerrito, California
Baldwin 1929 Grand



Joy Morin

Joy Morin piano room

Location: Ohio
Website: Color in My Piano


Louise Hullinger

Louise Hullinger

Theosophical Library in Capital Hill, Seattle, Washington

Louise is a member of the Seattle Music Teachers Association, Edmonds Music Teachers Association, Washington State Music Teachers Association, Music Teachers National Association and National Association Teachers of Singing. She teaches voice and piano in Washington.


Elaine Comparone, Harpsichord

best harpsichords and chandelier

Hubbard and Dowd Harpsichords

New York, N.Y.





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