Adult Piano Instruction: Rockin’ and Rollin’ in Rhythmic Rehab

Tonight’s piano lesson on Facetime amounted to an impromptu jam session: A syllabic interchange coupled with clapping inspired a collaborating adult student to experience the “feel” of a beat, rising and falling with organic authenticity.

The nearly “improvised” exchange between teacher and pupil sprang from a Five-finger Ab Major warm-up that progressed from Quarters, to 8ths, to 16ths, to 32nds.

16ths, unfortunately, changed course, losing their cool, sputtering off, or conversely dragging themselves down.

In their weakest moments, they needed not only balance, but a well-proportioned space of one measure to insure the survival of up and coming 32nds.

So first responder clappers jumped into the fray, managing an against the odds rescue alongside the syllabic squad.

In the the course of 6 or so minutes, 16ths to 32nds and 32nds back to 16ths fell into line, though with some unsteadiness.

Only time will tell if rescue and rehab efforts will work in the long term, staving off future out-of-control temporal episodes.

We’ll hope for the best!


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