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Adult sneak peek piano technique

These lesson videos-in-progress reinforce practicing approaches to warm-ups, giving a student an additional angle of the teacher’s hands.

I. Crispy Cracker Staccato
(D Major scale)

Forearm generated at FORTE level followed by “lighter” finger strokes at “piano” dynamic.
Forte=Big Projection, Piano=Soft

FLASHBACK video, (A Major scale in Staccato) before my relocation to Berkeley–same student LIVE, playing on my Steinway M Grand. Light staccato focus, smooth curve around with rotation. (relaxation, arms, wrists)

Arpeggio, D Major in 10ths–smooth passage of thumbs under “tunnel” fingers at different temporal moments between the hands. Preserve a rolling motion.

II. HOPPING in THIRDS, Ab Major and minor in Five-finger positions

Build up tempo in proportioned rhythm; divide voices of thirds; explore side-to-side (lateral) motion in prep for advanced tempo; drag thirds first in legato (dead weight in), then “snip” into staccato. Adjust position of hands when needed; develop a “feel” for geographies and new “centers of gravity”

III. Ab Major pentascale (five-finger position) Work on “feeling” the beat; reinforce “auditory memory” through clapping and syllabic routines.
(“Ear training/Eurhythmics”)


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