, Piano Street

My Yamaha Arius digital is singing again!

Harry Mello is the hero of this long-winded tale. Poor Yamaha Arius had lost her voice. She was dried out, and un-sustainable. All of her pedals, if not petals had died on the vine. She was speechless.

To her dear rescue came the Yamaha Corporation, who dispatched Saint Mello from B Street Music to bring the poor maiden back to life.

Harry Mello

Such dedication to repair and rehab (R and R) is rare these days. In fact two others who were called to SERVE, finked out when it counted, earning themselves one star reviews on YELP.

Because words can’t amply express my gratitude for a TEAM effort that resuscitated Arius, I will defer to a video that documents laudatory skills and outstanding customer service.

Arius and Steinway in perfect harmony


B Street Music in San Mateo CA
Store: 245 South Railroad Ave.
San Mateo, CA 94401
(650) 342-6565

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