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Delightful Piano Arrangements of Jewish Holiday songs

Robert Schultz has done a Mitzvah, (blessing) in compiling a pleasing group of Jewish Holiday songs for Intermediate level students.

Jewish Holiday Songs

For Chanukah, which shares a table setting with Thanksgiving this year, (the menorah sits beside a fully dressed turkey), Schultz has included two particularly engaging selections:

“LICHVOD HACHANUKAH” (about baking potato latkes), and “S’VIVON” (Spinning the Dreydl) They’re both D-minor ear-catchers of contrasting mood/tempo making them a complementary pair:

Nearly all the arrangements have aesthetic appeal, and celebrate a good sampling of Jewish holidays: Passover, Rosh Hashonah/Yom Kippur, and Purim. As icing on the cake, Schultz includes Songs of Israel: “Hava Nagila,” “Hatikva,” “Artza Alinu,” “Jerusalem of Gold,” and much more.

A five-star collection worth its weight in gold, it’s a pleasure-giver, and repository for the development of a singing tone, supple wrist, staccato and legato touch, and wide range of dynamics.

Jewish Holiday songs list of selections

Chanukah candles Thanksgiving table

6 thoughts on “Delightful Piano Arrangements of Jewish Holiday songs”

    1. You are most welcome! I will be sure to try the Jerusalem of Gold when the book arrives. I have two teen students, twins actually, that are working on Hebrew Songs right now…. I am sure that they will enjoy this new book. They were supposed to play some of these duets for their family gathering two days ago…not sure if it transpired….I will hear how it went at their upcoming lessons…


  1. From Robert Schultz
    Thanks so much for sending the link to your blog page with the videos and comments about the Jewish Holiday Song arrangements. Great videos / performances – I’m really pleased that this impressed you and that you are putting them to such good use. That edition is no longer available from the publisher, but I do have some remaining copies that can be ordered through the website:


    There are also some easier Jewish Holiday Song arrangements available as digital downloads in the Digital Library.

    Robert Schultz
    Schultz Music Publications


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