A fusion of art and music in The Magic Link: Piano Albums by Schumann and Tchaikovsky

Rada Bukhman The Magic Link

Rada Bukhman, pianist, teacher, and fine artist, brings a wealth of talent to her latest undertaking. Her “infinite love affair between music and fine art” is the springboard for a journey through the related compositions of Robert Schumann and Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. Both composers produced colorful albums for the young that have a remarkable affinity in their mood, title, and tempo.

Leading a handful of her piano students (including daughter, Rebecca) Bukhman, inspires an interplay of responses to vividly colorful, Romantic era tableaux, giving them historical/musical context in an informal masterclass that plays out quite spontaneously. The conversation woos adults and children alike, to learn “how the composers worked, what inspired them, how one composer influenced another, how to understand the composer’s musical language, and how to find the narrative behind a musical composition.” (Bukhman Preface)

Interspersed illustrations among “verified and edited scores” make the volume even more tantalizing. Artistic offerings bestowed by the children and Rada, herself, “transmit sound into a tangible color palette upon the canvas.”

Bukhman, is both a celebrated artist and teacher. At a website showcasing her fine art, she reflects on her work in a dual universe:


In each of my paintings, I hope to find inspiration in the fusion of music and art as well as in the works of favorite masters. Most of all, I would love to continue being able to transfer from within and convey: music, yet more tangible; and color, more audible.”

Rada’s newest publication is definitely a mixture of two passions blissfully bundled into ONE.

Samples from The Magic Link: Piano Albums by Schumann and Tchaikovsky are paired here as they play out in the text.

“Wild Horseman” by Robert Schumann (Album for the Young, no. 8)

“Playing Hobby-Horse” by Tchaikovksy (Album for the Young, Op. 39 no. 4)

In summary, a panoply of offerings are categorized by sub-topics: SAD TALES, DANCING WITH THE DOLL, FOLK TUNES, etc. and include “First Loss” (Schumann), “Sick Doll,” “Sweet Dream,” (Tchaikovsky), among other colorful examples.


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