Journal of a Piano Teacher from New York to California,

Celebrating Adult Piano Students, Part 2

This student lives in the UK and takes piano lessons by Skype. Her answers to my inquiries are below:

1) What drew you back to the piano in adulthood? Bundled into that question: What were your early experiences taking piano lessons? (positives, negatives, mixed bag, whatever)

I started as a complete adult beginner about five years ago. I didn’t take any piano lessons when I was young, simply because there wasn’t such opportunity at the time when I was growing up in China.

2) What influence did your earliest piano teacher play in your making the decision to return to piano years later?

I didn’t have a piano teacher when I was young. The shining beauty of music attracted me to learn piano.

3) What are your goals, aspirations as a piano student?

Achieving proficiency seems rather ambitious, but it’s the ultimate goal. If it can’t be accomplished in life, there will be many more cycles ahead, and to plant this seed now is important.

4) What relation to life does piano have for you? (whether you are working on a job, or not, what is its relevance?)

Piano is a means for me to experience sounds, self consciousness and connect and unite with the rest of the world. Music has such profound power to take us beyond ourselves. This is very much integrated with my spiritual practice. It’s been a wonderful journey to discover who we really are.

5) What are the challenges in studying piano?

There are too many;) I have to learn to be patient and less self critical.


MY COMMENT: This student is very inquisitive, analytical, yet spiritual and emotionally responsive to music.

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