Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky, piano technique, Shirley Smith Kirsten, velocity in piano playing

Piano Instruction: On the way to Velocity, doing the groundwork (Video)

When faced with a composition in Presto tempo, it’s best to practice slowly, preferably separate hands, (at first) to secure a good fingering, understand HARMONIC flow (or progressions) and piece out the phrasing, that encompasses articulation and dynamics.

In my own baby-step maiden journey this evening through Tchaikovsky’s “Baba Yaga” (The Witch), Op. 39, No. 20, I followed my own model above, and set down a substantial learning foundation that should bode well for playing this piece briskly once it ripens.

Perhaps my learning paradigm might help others along the way.

Play through:


“Baba Yaga” (p. 1)

Baba Yaga Op.  39 No. 20 p. 1

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