The neighborhood piano teacher lives on….

This was one of my favorite posts. And it applied to my many teaching venues, including California’s Central Valley where I taught for years after leaving hometown NYC.. Finally in Berkeley, the “neighborhood” phenomenon is REAL and influential when choosing a piano teacher.

Arioso7's Blog (Shirley Kirsten)

Well into the Millennium, the “neighborhood” piano teacher owns a special “place” in our hearts! Amidst countless telephone and web driven lesson inquiries, her location will always be a top priority. “So where do you live?” (Not how do you teach?)

In the Bay area, one can be sure that Richmond and Oakland are off the map. Even Richmond Annex is considered a dark alley to be avoided. What’s going on? How about Richmond Point, a snazzy enclave with homes worth millions?

Sorry, but it’s still “Richmond.”

Oakland has so many quaint streets and neighborhoods. OOPs did I say “neighborhoods,” an ugly label that’s fast becoming a stigma for so many fine piano teachers who’ve carved their sterling reputations over decades but refuse to leave their time-honored homes on the edge of town.

The same prejudice applies to Fresno, but in a different way. Well, not exactly. West Fresno is…

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