By FACETIME or SKYPE, Quicktime recorded snippets assist piano students

My amazement grows in big spurts when I discover new options to aid piano students who take lessons over Skype or Facetime.

Two of mine, have poor SKYPE transmission, while FACETIME hums along with clarity. This circumstance motivated me to explore the FACETIME Record option, whose SKYPE analog I’d mastered as CALL RECORDER.

Last night, my fidgeting with FACETIME led to a surprisingly good media sample that provided a bigger overhead keyboard spread, and comparable panoramic and side views. It will allow a FACETIME student to record snatches of our lessons in progress, while I can do tutorials with shifting camera views after hours. (Quicktime Player makes all the RECORD options possible) For FACETIME, you open the QP, and its FILE has a screen record and movie record option. I use the latter since it instantly drops the file into my movie archive and I can drag/drop easily into a You Tube Window.

A FACETIME student, does not have to engage You Tube to review Quicktime videos. He can instantly watch them after his lesson once’s he’s RECORDED selected segments or his whole lesson, if desired.

Here are some SKYPE RECORD snippets (since I’ve not yet availed myself of FACETIME record during a lesson-in- progress) Both FACETIME RECORD and SKYPE CALL RECORDER activate Quicktime Player. I chose a full screen here instead of SPLIT because a particular student might not want to be on CAM.

Rolling into Contrary Motion C Major Scale

Parallel motion thirds in Bb minor, within a Five-finger position.

Arpeggio in C, BLOCKING OUT

Preparing a new piece for the next lesson (overview)

Whether using FACETIME RECORD or SKYPE CALL RECORDER, Quicktime player affords unique opportunities to assist piano students in navigating their practicing during the week.

Who knows what’s next on the technology horizon?

Stay tuned.


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