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Sustain pedaling by Webcam


Sometimes shuffling three Logitechs can be an art, especially when a cyber piano student needs a particular view to assist practicing. Last night, I lucked out, angling my elevated cam so it captured the sustain pedal and keyboard in perfect visual/auditory harmony. I was subsequently able to RECORD a demonstration on Quicktime MOVIE, which is a FACETIME and SKYPE option.

My adult student and I are working on Tchaikovsky’s final tableau, “In the Church,” Op. 39, which requires clean legato pedaling. But when it comes right DOWN to it, the fingers do most of the work, creating connections between chords. (Where fingers cannot hold all notes down in various measures, the sustain greatly assists, as it inevitably lends polished warmth and nuance to playing)

In the Church

For a few weeks we were emphasizing how certain fingers yield to others in creating a seamless melody, so a foundation was laid before we drew on LEGATO pedaling that’s wedded to attentive listening.

Here’s a RECORDED pedal-in-progress sample:


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