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The funnies of finding the right piano student

Ever heard of takelessons.com or related web links that hook up teachers and students? It’s like Match.com when it comes to a mountain of challenges.

Here’s an On SITE sample where a music teacher BIDS for a job, like a construction worker. (Teacher Quotes are purchased as Credits)

The student SPECS

A Request From South Carolina

Student age

55+ (I may be lyin’ so don’t quote me)


No experience

Interested in following musical styles

Not sure

Lesson type

Private group lessons

Able to read music?


Does student have access to a piano or keyboard?

Something in between with bells and whistles-(It has a “Dixie” demo)

Frequency of lessons

Every other Monday, first month; every 3rd Tuesday, second month; every 4th Thursday, third month; repeat sequence from Monday.

Lesson length

30 minutes for the first month, 45 for second, one hour for third, in triple cycles.

Day preference

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, except for Confederate Flag Day, Maple Pecan Pie-eating contest finals, “Shrimp and Grits” cook-off, Frogmore stew and Chicken bog Festival, Statewide Get Out the Vote in gerrymandered districts, Super Tuesday Pork fry and taters, and Plantation Monday Street Fair.

Time preference

Mornings for first month, afternoons for second, and evenings for third.. dependin’ on time zones an’ all you kin eat festivals.


I want to become a music producer or compose soundtracks for Civil War era movies.

I’ll drive 25 miles, but no steep hills with this ole mule buggy o’mine. Can be by Internet (once I get hooked up here in the boonies)

ME: I think I’ll pass on this one, even though I have TWO lingering CREDITS that I can redeem based on a Fairbanks, Alaska student having found a teacher on a dog sled listing.

Let’s see what’s next on the roster? Oh NO!! A pupil prospect from Timbuktu has no piano, no keyboard, just a set of ethnic drums made from eel skins.

I’m beatin’ it outa here before I’m creamed by an elephant stampede!

Let’s move on to Big Sur, California with those sun-tanned surfers! Surely one of them will go SKYPING with me!

7 thoughts on “The funnies of finding the right piano student”

  1. Hi Shirley
    Love to chat. I am responsible for the user experience at TakeLessons.com. I wanted to ask you about the bids/quotes that you reference because that is not how we operate. I want to make sure there is no confusion and if I can help getting you setup properly.


    1. My students come through my You Tube Channel with almost 1300 subscribers and over 1200 video postings–also my blog site plays a role as well. I am pretty happy now with my student load, and it’s getting a bit overloaded. My preference is SKYPING lessons though I have a nice group of LIVE pupils as well.


      1. Sorry to hear that was your experience. It doesn’t help us to have that be unclear which is why the info is right on the site. If you visit http://takelessons.com/teachers/how-it-works there is a link that leads to http://support.takelessons.com/entries/25336896-What-do-you-charge- . Glad to hear your marketing is paying off. I liked your youtube page. Great activity. If you ever wanted to discuss referring students to us that you couldn’t fulfill we work with a lot of teachers, paying finder fees for new students they can’t/don’t want to teach.


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