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Appealing Piano Repertoire for the Advanced Beginner

Three selected short pieces offer musical enticement for students who’ve survived the method book phase and need rejuvenating connections with the masters, albeit via contemporaries of the glittery Classical era giants.

In one instance, I discovered a gem dating back to the Elizabethan era. It happens to be a re-do of “Go No More A’Rushing,” tastefully set in contrapuntal form by Willard Palmer. The two-part Invention format and Picardy third ending are ear grabbers.

Go No More A'Rushing

Go no More A' Rushing p. 2

The remaining winners are the James Hook Minuet, and D.G. Turk’s “Sadness.”

All the aforementioned offer an opportunity to nourish expressive phrasing with fluid, supple wrist motions. In short, the journey through music of substance becomes rewarding for both student and teacher.

Minuet by Hook

Turk Sadness

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