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Piano Technique: How to organize and practice a Major scale in 6ths

I chose the Ab Major scale as my springboard for this demonstration.

Its KEY SIGNATURE has the mnemonic BEAD (Bb, Eb, Ab, Db)

I recommend practicing the scale hands alone at first in its Root position to clarify fingering. Then by playing up the scale in the Right Hand to the sixth note, we land on F. (played by the thumb) The left hand begins on starting note Ab with finger no. 3. (six notes BELOW the RH)

Both hands will be journeying by a sixth interval between them, with a slight alteration of the generic Right Hand fingering at the scale’s end when finger 4 lands on the final F, avoiding an awkward thumb under 3 going up and in reverse, when the turnaround for the descent occurs.

All is explained, visualized, organized and DEMONSTRATED in the attached video which utilized a LOGITECH web cam placed over my left shoulder. (I recorded using MOVIE RECORD–on Facetime)

A panoramic keyboard view seemed to provide the best dimension for this step-by-step journey in 6ths.

LINK: Ab Major/minor HOPPING (parallel THIRDS) in PENTASCALE form (Five-finger position)

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