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Piano Technique: Practicing Arpeggios in 10ths, and in Contrary motion

I’ve selected broken chord chains or arpeggios (harp-like figures) that have symmetries between the hands when played in 10ths, and separately in contrary motion. Taken together, these are not pedantic exercises, but expressive romps over many octaves culminating in a rotation at the turnaround to the descent in pleasing contour.

In the second instruction, my computer seemed to run out of bytes, so E Major was not included in the contrary motion grouping that should have had D Major, A Major and E Major lumped happily together.




5 thoughts on “Piano Technique: Practicing Arpeggios in 10ths, and in Contrary motion”

  1. Love your work. Your arpeggio playing humiliates and inspires one all at once. A good thing. I will continue to increase their place in the daily routine.


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