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Piano Instruction: C Major Scale Mapping

Most students think of C Major as the easiest scale around the BLOCK. But in fact, it’s not nearly as patterned or symmetrical as the double and triple black note content scales, B, F# and C# Major (Or their equivalent in FLATS, Db, Gb and Cb) With the ebony laden ones, you can easily place fingers 2,3 and 2,3,4 in each hand as MIRRORS on the double and triple black notes, with thumbs meeting in between on the white ones. Yet with C Major, the symmetries are not as conspicuous, so they require deeper detection and exploration.

To make order out of a sea of whites requires mapping on a cognitive level. Yet ear attentive listening and beautiful tone production with relaxed arms and a supple wrist should accompany players on their wavy white note journey.

C Major Scale

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