The funniest adult piano student confessions

1) I couldn’t get to the piano this week because of my constipated cat.

2) I can’t play the Bb scale because it gets all “gummed up.” (????)

3) The cleaning lady was vacuuming the piano, inside and out.

4) We were away on a whale-watching expedition in Baja.

5) We changed the clocks so I have jet lag (????)

6) My cackling parakeets always drown me out!

7) I get dizzy spells every time I play in contrary motion.

8) My digital piano lost power.

9) I’m needing a vacation from scales and arpeggios.

10) We went on an African jungle safari and I fell off an elephant.

11) I’ll have to cancel my lesson because of the weather. It’s too gorgeous to be indoors.

12) Skype me to the moon, I completely forgot about piano class.

13) Did you say I had to practice this week? I forgot…

14) What piece am I studying?

15) Where’s middle C? Can you send me a video?

16) I’m out to lunch, contact me in a few months about resuming piano lessons.

4 thoughts on “The funniest adult piano student confessions”

  1. OK, I recognize at least two, but at least two others could apply. To my knowledge my cat does not suffer from constipation and my cleaning lady is a man! So those two are OUT. These are very funny and I’ll have to remember the beautiful weather excuse, it’s totally legit.


  2. Hilarious Shirley! I have one to add -” Scales, did I have to play those? I don’t pay attention to them.”

    Your adult piano student confessions are the best though. I had a good laugh. Thank you.

    For young students who try the same thing out on me, I have had to number their books, with a big number 1 on their scale book. I tell them this is the first thing you need to play every day followed by number 2 which is usually a technique book. I tell them that their pieces are their dessert.


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