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Physical fitness and piano playing

me at gym upper arm workout

For the past few years, I’ve adhered to a fitness program that includes daily exercising at the Y gym. I don’t use weights because of their stress on my wrists, but I find the Gravitron (demonstrated in part one of my video) to be an upper body strength-builder. Particularly when I need added dead weight to apply directly into the keys, this pull-up routine has perfect application.

I set the bar at 70, meaning I have 40 of pounds resistance based on my 110 lb. body weight.

My second favorite work-out is at the tilted table holding a 6-pound ball that I swing from side-to-side, alternating with ab crunches.

The power ball also helps with leverage into the keys, especially when an extra big dynamic in the FORTE range is required.

“The Captain’s Chair,” so nicknamed by one of the Y resident trainers, is more of an ab tightener, though overall its fitness value is way up there.

The remaining machines showcased in my footage are used for bicep development–again to help with my upper body delivery of weight into the keys.

In a flashback video, I demonstrate my use of a 65 cm Go-fit stability ball which was obtained to relieve an acute back spasm that paralyzed me several months ago (without explanation) as I was sitting on the piano bench.

My routines with this ball have cured my back problems while they continue to promote spinal elasticity.

Daily brisk walks of 2 miles plus, round out my exercise program.

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