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From Perugia with love: Pianist, Ilana Vered hosts an enticing summer music fest

Perugia Music Fest

I stumbled upon Ilana Vered’s dazzlingly performance of two Moskowzski Etudes in a televised Steinway anniversary tribute hosted by Van Cliburn. It was during this celebration that Murray Perahia, my Performing Arts High classmate, rendered Chopin from the basement of Steinway Hall on W. 57th. As it played out that afternoon and evening, great artistry rose above a particular instrument or its location and soared to divine heights.

Here’s a preview of Ilana’s bio that’s greatly expanded at her website:

“Ms. Vered began playing the piano at the age of three, and later attended the Paris Conservatory where she studied with the eminent pianist Vlado Perlemuter. Born in Israel, She graduated from the Paris Conservatory at fifteen, and completed her studies at the Juilliard School in New York City under the tutorship of Rosina Lhevinne, Nadia Reisenberg, and Aube Tzerko. She made her debut as one of the first winners of the Young Concert Artists International Competition….”

Vered’s musical triumphs are well-known, and her appearances with great orchestras all over the world are a testimony to her well-celebrated artistry.


Israel born, Ilana Vered is unique and multi-talented. She paints as passionately as she plays. A vivid sampling of her artwork accompanied by her music says more than a thousand words could express.

One phrase melts into another with a singing tone that lingers through a sequence of portraits to final cadence.

But there’s more than meets the eye and ear…

Ilana Vered is an inspiring teacher and founder of a highly praised music festival based in Perugia, Italy.

As artistic director and international mentor she excels.

A snatch from her series of TIPS about piano practicing bundled in musical expression is awe-inspiring.

And the tour de force Perugia Music Fest resonates with Vered’s love for nurturing young musicians; bringing master teachers to mentor them, and providing programs that audiences relish summer after summer. (There are opportunities to audit classes with a full range of participation)

It’s a serving of love on a cultural platter that’s in the heart of a European paradise, offering music, dance and theater as enticement.


For details pertaining to the Festival and Ilana’s illustrious musical career, visit her official website:

And don’t miss the one set aside for Vered, The Painter

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