Mavericks, piano

Apple Inc.’s latest MAVERICKS UPGRADE is a disaster for Online piano teachers! (Watch the video)

It all started with a FACETIME hitch. Out of the blue, the popular FACE to FACE application tanked when I ACCEPTED an incoming call. Three beeps and a hasty shutdown!

Disconnected! Kaput! finished!

A CALL back from my END produced the same. Three more reminders of NADA!!!

The only solution was switching off to SKYPE for awaiting piano students, some of whom had poor reception in the BiG BLUE and WHITE universe.

But we managed!

Next thing, I was on Apple Support inquiring about the Facetime glitch, wondering what was causing it and for how long it would last.

With resounding bravado, the mighty Apple PUSHED an OSX UPGRADE to 10.9–saying it would address SECURITY issues, and open Facetime’s pearly gates.

The Messiah Mavericks had arrived!

Meanwhile, CNET, a media hub for computer geeks, et al, had compiled a list of Facetime crashes, suggesting a tie-in with lack of Upgrading among Mac, iPad, and iPhone users. (Hint, Hint, get with the PROGRAM, NOW!!!)

In quick response, I shot off emails to my Facetime students who’d been BEEPED off, telling them to UPGRADE their technology IMMEDIATELY.

I would do the same.

We had to believe the MAVERICKS OSX Messiah would unlock FACETIME forever, bringing along a HOST of divine options.

But the plan went awry when the unexpected HAPPENED!!

As Mavericks Downloaded with enormous impact, it took down Logitech webcams like KING KONG smashing tall skyscrapers with a swinging fist.

Webcams that were formerly compatible with MAC, became virtually EXTINCT overnight without warning. (My C615 and C910-1080HD)

A community of music teachers who relied on Keyboard BLOW-ups for their livelihood were staring at dizzying screens! Students were calling the doctor for vertigo relief!

Could Apple have known that the Mavericks Messiah had malice toward those conducting piano lessons ONLINE?

Or perhaps the Big MAC wanted Logitech owners to trash their cams en masse and move on to more expensive hardware, shrugging off their $90 per cam investment.

Reimbursement for losses??

That would have been a righteous act!

But in truth, the Mighty technology giant is mainly $$$$ driven, ignoring glaring evidence that is spreading far and wide. Witness this fiasco!

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