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Piano Lessons: An adult beginner is progressing nicely!

Peter, originally from Sweden and in the technology field, is a poster child (substitute in adult) for slow and steady, layered practicing. In just three or so months, he’s developed a singing tone along with a cohesive pulse. (Thank goodness we’re out of the stultifying method books, having moved on to appealing repertoire)

NOTE: At the start of instruction in January 2014, Peter couldn’t read a note of music!!

So he’s come a long way!!!

Recently, I snatched some five-finger position pieces from Faber’s Developing Artist Series (Elementary Level) that are in synch with Peter’s desire to explore the Classical repertoire.

And now that he’s into his second week practicing the Reingale Minuet, the slow rendering below has most of the ingredients he needs to advance tempo in baby step increments.

Tonight we began his lesson with a one-octave C Major scale in parallel and contrary motion, emphasizing shape and rotation.

Just to fill in on the materials selected when Peter first sat down at the piano as a fledgling, I chose the Faber Primer Piano Adventures, to use in part, and not by any means intending to wade through the whole album.

Here’s a sample duet at the SECOND LESSON juncture:

When Peter was ready, I transitioned him to Faber Accelerated Piano Adventures for the Older Beginner, and snatched only repertoire that I felt had musical value, skipping over the trite filler pieces. (flashback to Feb. 2014)

After a month or two into the adult album, Peter was eager to branch out from the teacher/student duet mold. Through motivation and hard work, he wound his way to learning solo pieces in their ORIGINAL form by reputable composers. Next up is Ferdinand Beyer’s “Melody,” Op.101, No. 39.

Peter has made significant advances since his very first lesson, and he’s well on his way!

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