The Big Piano Move!!!

two pianos

Here she is on DISPLAY playing Chopin

and Beethoven:


Thank You once again to McCrea’s AA Piano Moving


7 thoughts on “The Big Piano Move!!!”

  1. Enjoy having two grands Shirley! I love it…was a dream come true for me. Happy playing to a great teacher and person!


  2. They look very happy together. If you don’t mind me asking where did you get the fabulous music wall art? The piece on the right would look great in my piano room.


    1. If you’re talking about the round piano sculpture, I found it advertised on Craig’s List and the seller had a pianist son who was going off to college, so she wanted it in the hands of a committed musician.. and that was me..It’s an amazing piece.


  3. Thanks! I was referring to the staff/notes swirl. I enjoy reading your blog and listening to your always excellent piano playing.

    Bill in Maryland


  4. Thank You!
    And the store in Fresno that had that the swirling staff also provided the avant garde cello or it looks more like a viola da gamba in bronze. It seemed to have stuff no other place had along with Oriental rugs… (the one under my Baldwin –an octagon, in red) And the green one.


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