, Elaine Comparone,

Piano Instruction: Piecing out and Practicing J.S. Bach Little Prelude in F, BWV 927

One of my colleagues who filmed a tutorial on this gem, called it a “BEGINNER” composition, yet, in truth, it’s not in the easy column. It demands a fluent technique and a thoughtful approach to learning that includes harmonic analysis, blocking, understanding counterpoint, making sensible decisions about articulation, and shaping phrases. Therefore, this “LITTLE” Prelude is not diminutive in content given its thought-provoking musical mosaic.

I’ve uploaded two readings. The first precedes my tutorial and applies slurs in the left hand starting in measure 5. These were at the advice of Elaine Comparone, harpsichordist and Baroque scholar.

The second posting has detached bass notes in the same parallel measures.


Bach Little Prelude in F BWV927


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