Piano Street

Two Adult Piano Students have an Arpeggio fun fest!

My two J’s, back-to-back adult pupils, had a rollicking time practicing their arpeggios from legato to staccato.

Both had epiphanies about wrist, forearm, and finger staccato in their transitions from whirly, swirly playing to crisp releases.

For J(2) “weeping willow” arms allowed a stream of uninterrupted funneled energy that fueled his C Major romp over four octaves in rapid tempo. He baby-stepped his way through maneuvers that reaped significant improvement.

Meanwhile, J(1) realized that she could achieve optimum power through her detached notes by applying forearm leverage. For a more styled approach, she engaged her wrist as a snip off her legato.

C# minor

It was quite a workout with smiles following!

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