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This Week’s Favorite You Tubes!

My first selection is a Juilliard graduation commencement address that’s both grounded and inspiring. Joyce Di Donato, mezzo soprano, having received her honorary Doctorate resonates at the podium with wisdom and a touch humor–definitely worth sharing with a universe of musicians who can benefit from a perspective refresher and attitude-changer from time to time.

Pianist, Murray Perahia, next chimes in with his take on performing and teaching in this 28-minute interview based in Israel. It begins, however, with a flashback to his studies with Horowitz, then transitions to a spotlight on his forebears in Salonica and their language, Ladino via a heart-wrenching folk-song.

After tender, rekindling moments about Murray’s father, mother, and cultural antecedents, the conversation moves on to Perahia’s masterclasses at the Jerusalem Music Center. I particularly treasured his discussion of theory/analysis and their integration into performance.

I can confirm the same enthusiasm for a discussion about Chopin with Garrick Ohlsson that took place at Berkeley’s Zellerbach Concert Hall.

At 39:32 he commences a thorough analysis of the Nocturne No. 2 in Db which is worth instant viewing even before mouse-clicking the very opener.

Ohlsson has a wonderful gift for synthesizing elements of his analysis, wherein even a non-musician can gain generously from his insights.

The three aforementioned videos are worth the time spent, and in the case of Ohlsson, one can parcel out viewing in segments.

4 thoughts on “This Week’s Favorite You Tubes!”

  1. Thank you Shirley. Joyce Di Donato’s speech is so inspiring!! Wow! It is one of the finest I have ever heard and I am sharing with friends and family who have chosen music as their career.

    I have yet to see the remaining videos.


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