A Home Piano Concert draped in technology (Video attached)


I had a rip-roaring morning! Art, my next-door neighbor, who puts up with my round-the-clock practicing, was invited precisely at 11 a.m. to listen to my rehearsal in prep for my house concert set for next Saturday night. And naturally, as whimsical as everyone knows me to be, I did a MAN in the STREET interview with him following.

This is a Millennium style concert with all the technological accouterments that need introduction, so I grabbed my SONY camcorder and videotaped the MAC screen that would transmit my hands, several feet behind the machine, en moto–or con moto, take your pick, and then I acquainted viewers with Logitech C920 that is specifically angled to capture my digits gliding over a sprawling Steinway grand keyboard.


The prelude portion of my video then transitioned to ART sitting on my futon beside a perfect slice of carrot cake as his reward for glaring at a computer monitor for about 45 minutes.


In this pea pod apartment that’s crowded in with two grand pianos and a Yamaha Arius digital, an unending row of keyboards precludes invited listeners from watching me play though the aural experience is resonantly LIVE by way of Quicktime Player. (There’s NO recording in progress so sound and motions are perfectly synched)

Finally, in the spirit of the MILLENNIUM, tech-based solutions like these allow future home concerts to preserve an intimacy of communication while the pianist’s head is thanklessly buried behind the rack.


The video below demonstrates:


The set-up seating update:

And finally the EVENT!


ABOUT my neighbor, ART:

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